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AAA Garage Door - Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement

AAA Garage Door Los Angeles is specialized in replace and repair broken garage door springs. Our garage door springs are compatible with most garage door manufacturers such as: Clopay, Wayne Dalton, 1UDT, CHI, Windsor, Amarr, Genie garage door, Liftmaster, Martin and many others.

We are expert garage door repair company with experience and knowledge with broken garage door spring repair, maintenance and replacement.
Does your garage door stop when it is going up? Did you hear a loud bang? Do the torsion springs above your door seem separated? If so, you might just have a broken torsion spring. Torsion springs are located above the garage door and they are what lift the actual weight of the garage door. Most garage doors weigh between 150 to 250 pounds and without working springs, the garage door opener cannot lift the door.


Garage Door Spring Replacement

Whenever a spring breaks, the door will not go up. Attempting to lift a door with a broken spring can be extremely dangerous. try to replace the springs yourself is even more dangerous. You should never attempt to fix a broken spring yourself - only experienced, trained professionals should ever touch torsion springs. Also replacing a spring requires expertise to know exactly which spring to replace it with. The correct springs are determined based off the weight of the door..

Springs Replacement

if you have a broken spring, here are some reasons why you would want to replace both of the springs at the same time, rather than just the one that is broken. 1. If you have one broken torsion spring, the other one is definitely fatigued! To the point where if you only replace the broken spring and reset the torsion system- the garage door will not be properly balanced! The garage door is still going to be heavy because the other spring is fatigued and not doing its job. Therefore, the opener will be working overtime, or not at all, to open and close the garage door. 2. Most likely, you will be calling out the garage door company again in the very near future to replace the other spring when it breaks! This means twice the amount of service calls, time to meet technician, etc. 3. Most times it will be cheaper to replace two springs at once, rather than one spring on two separate occasions.


Roll Up Doors

AAA Commercial garage Door service specializes in the repair and maintenance services of all kinds of commercial garage doors such as Commercial Doors, Rolling Steel Doors, Rolling Aluminum Grilles, Counterweight Doors, Glass Aluminum Entry, Hollow Metal Doors, Security Doors, Service Doors, Sheet Doors, Sectional Doors and more.

Garage door torsion spring

The garage door spring is what allows a garage door to be lifted with ease and not the opener. Garage door springs counterbalance the weight of the garage door, allowing the opener to easily glide the garage door open and shut. If you were to lift your garage door by hand, it should feel like it weighs only a few pounds.

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